by Jun 5, 2024

Past Lives


This 150-card deck describes your past. Why will you tell me go and fiddle with what is behind us?


Simply because we bear the after-effects. So where do our fears come from? What do we have to work to find these lost pieces of souls along the way? Why should we ask for forgiveness in order to have a life that corresponds to us and to be happy?

The maps are very easy to read. I took illustrations in the form of drawings so that they would be less hurtful or offensive.

Please order  it in advance

Price: 25 €


Gaïa light up our Future


This 142-card deck will help you prepare for the future that awaits us, whether from a governmental, family or ecological point of view.

This can be assembled with the tarot of past lives, as some cards are timeless and others are not.

Please order it in advance

Price: 25 €


What does life have in store for you ?



This deck of 118 cards will help you see more clearly about the future that has been written for You.


We might as well know what awaits us in order to be able to prepare or to deflect insurmountable challenges. Has a pervert been programmed, transgender children,…?


Take charge of your life and don’t let anyone decide for You.


Please order it in advance


Price: 25 €