Hello, my name's Ashna Vikram.

I chose this name of Shaman Ashna Vikram which means Healer Friend of the Gods


My life has not always been easy. Without wanting to tell you about it, I had to move to Bali for my personal well-being and find comfort in faith. Today, I am in constant contact with the deceased and the Gods of all religions.


It is a privilege, which bears the name of Shaman, Healer or Balian that some humans have acquired after making the Kundalini climb, which is the awakening of the chakras from the first to the bottom of the spine, to the last located at the fontanelles.

My destiny has given me the opportunity to meet my twin flame, Wayan Wikrama, also a Shaman, and we hope to help you relieve the physical or mental pain that makes your life difficult. Even if the great events of your history are written before you come into the world, we can help you overcome them through prayer and shamanic rites.

The important thing for us is to be able to share this gift in all humility to relieve you with the help of the Divine Energy on all dimensions of the being: physical, psychic, emotional and spiritual.

shaman Guérisseuse Balian

Whether it is for you, one of your children, or your beloved animal, the number and duration of treatment differs because for an adult the disease is often more deeply rooted.

Our care is also done remotely. The Divine Energy has no borders and works miracles through thought, full of good intentions, to solve your problems or lessen them.


Life has given us many trials, traumas that we must release in order to regain greater energy. If you are currently experiencing an anxious period, or if you are exhausted by

stress, our treatments will allow you to start a self-healing process and to find harmony and joy of life.


For example, there is nothing more distressing than not being able to give birth to a long-desired child, or having to fight alone against an illness.

Even if these treatments are in no way a substitute for medical treatment, energy treatments will help you fight the disease and purify your body of all toxins, especially after chemotherapy, vaccines or others.


Shamanism has been reputed to be terrifiying by all those medical organizations that try to keep you in their fangs but I assure you that it is not at all. Prayers, offerings, connection with the Divine to solve your problems...Looking forward to helping you...

Even if God, of the Universe, is Love for All, a minimum of fait in these treatments is essential for their success

Treatment of Physical or Mental Pain


Whether it is for you, or for a member of your family, from a minor illness where once will probably be enough, to a serious illness (epilepsy, cancer, reduction of the visual field, sequelae stroke,…) Several times will probably be necessary for a good evolution of the latter.

For children and/or animals, this care requires fewer sessions because the disease is less entrenched.

The first time, I do a 20-minute interview with you before the treatment to find out the root of your problem in order to answer it as best as possible, followed by a treatment of the remaining 40 minutes, during which I will ask you to remain seated on a chair, with your feet connected to the floor.

After each treatment, I contact you again to report on the feelings, and set an appointment for the next time, which will always start with an evaluation of the progress.

Price: € 25 /treatment, payable in advance

Purification Post vaxin


For your inner peace, I suggest that you do it as soon as possible. This treatment is done remotely, and requires that you lie down for half an hour. 


Price 25 €, payable in advance


For the after-effects, two times will be necessary.


I invite you to come and mix business with pleasure by coming to stay with us.         


I would take care of you every day, and you would take advantage of our attentions and prayers to find a better being, an awakening of the kundalini or a healing.


Our rooms are not luxurious but the treatments will be.

Simple but hearty meals will be offered.

The airport/home transit service can be provided by us.


Please note that the longer you stay, the more the effects

will be beneficial.


We have 2 bedrooms on the ground floor, one upstairs. If you

If you are a person with reduced mobility, the most convenient will be for you.

reserved for your ease.




If you are planning to come on holiday, and you wish to make a detour to a Balian (Balinese Healer), please remember to contact me to make an appointment for an appropriate treatment in

your needs. Minimum 3 days before the desired date , the sooner the better.




Whatever your situation, even if it seems irremediable, please contact me.


guérisseuse soins personnes